Our total fee (No Hidden Fees) and disbursement for registration of new SDN. BHD. company shall be RM2,380.00 of which the charges shall include the following :-

  • One Name Search Application with SSM – You may provide us 3 proposed names and we shall filter and suggest you the better choice. (Additional of RM40.00 is chargeable for every additional name application with SSM)
  • Filling fee of RM1,000.00 payable to SSM for the registration of RM400,000.00 authorised capital
  • Stamping of Memorandum and Articles of Association (“M&A”) of the Company
  • Minutes and Register Books, Common Seal
  • Preparation of minutes for the First Board of Directors’ Meeting
  • Issuance of Shares Certificate to all the shareholders.
  • Free First 12 months Secretary Retainer Fee of (RM60.00 x 12mths) + 6% that worth RM763.20
  • Free First Two (2) Directors’ Resolutions for the Opening of Banking Account that worth RM30.00
  • Free Five (5) sets of Full certified forms that worth RM75.00 (Form 9, 24, 44, 49 and M&A)
  • Use of our premise as Registered Office of your company is included in our secretarial fees.

Note: A Registered Office is different from a company’s business address. Clients are not allowed to use our address as the correspondence/business address of their company.

Additonal Surcharge:

  • There will be a surcharge of RM200.00 for company registration that is owned by 100% foreigner.
  • There will be a surcharge of RM100.00 for company registration that is more than four (4) persons in total.
  • There will be a surcharge of RM100.00 for company registration that any one of the shareholder is a corporate shareholder.

Payment Mode:
of Non-Refundable Deposit in accepting and confirming of our services.
Full balance payment upon the return of all duly signed incorporation documentations.

The following information and documentations are needed from you:

  • Proposed name of your new company – You may provide us three (3) proposed names and we will filter those names and suggest you the better choice. The proposed name is subject to SSM approval.

All approved name by SSM will be reserved only for Three (3) months.

Hence, registration must be done within the time frame. Should you fail to sign the incorporation documentations and/or making full payment to us, we shall assume you have aborted the registration once the approved name is due.

  • Nature/Business Activities of your company – Three (3) natures of business is permitted for every company.
  • NRIC copy of all the Malaysian Directors/Shareholders (Copy of Passport is needed for Foreigner Directors/Shareholders)
    – Also, please advise the latest residential address of every Directors/Shareholders.
  • The amount of paid-up capital of the Company
    Maximum amount of RM10,000.00 is suggested for all new company.

For e.g. if you intended to apply for the following license for your new company, you may consider having the paid-up capital as follows:

+ Ministry of Finance (MOF) – RM2,500.00
+ Construction Industry Development Board (CIBD) – RM5,000.00

You are advised to check and confirm with the authority the minimum paid-up capital required.

  • Share Structure of your new company – Percentage of shareholding by each shareholding.

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