Our current selling price for Shelf Company is RM* and currently we are providing a Promotion of 3 Months Secretarial Retainer Fee that worth RM180.00 for Free!

A Shelf Company is an existing company that being registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) pursuant to the Companies Act, 1965 in Malaysia with the following criteria:

  • Authorised Capital : RM100,000.00 / RM400,000.00
  • Paid-up Capital : RM2.00 (2 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each)
  • Nature of Business : Kindly refer to the Shelf Companies List
  • Company Status : No business has been carried (Dormant)
  • Bank Account : None bank account has been opened
  • Liability : No liability as the company is incorporated to mean for re-selling
  • Composition : Board – 2 existing Directors / Member – 2 existing Members

The above fee and charges shall include the following:

  • Select of ONE (1) Shelf Company from the Shelf Companies List – Please call to confirm if the Company is still available.
  • Appointment of TWO (2) new Directors who are Malaysian residency;
  • Transfer of existing TWO (2) ordinary shares to TWO (2) new shareholders; – One (1) ordinary share each
  • Free Five (5) sets of FULL set certified forms (Form 9, 24, 44, 49 and M&A) that worth RM75.00;
  • Free First Two (2) Directors’ Resolutions for the Opening of Banking Account that worth RM30.00;
  • Register Books, Minutes Book, Share Certificates and Common Seal;
  • Use of our premise as Registered Office of your company is included in our secretarial fees.

Note: A Registered Office is different from a company’s business address. Clients are not allowed to use our address as the correspondence/business address of their company.

Additional Surcharge:
There will be a surcharge of RM100.00 for company registration that is more than four (4) persons in total.

There will be a surcharge of RM100.00 for company registration that any one of the shareholder is a corporate shareholder.

You may also consider the following assignment at the fee as per our Corporate Secretarial in this proposal:

  • Change of Company Name;
  • Increase of Authorised Capital;
  • Increase of Paid-up Capital; and
  • Other Services that listed in our Corporate Secretarial.

The information and documentations that needed from you:

  • The Names of new Shareholders/Directors;
  • The Copy of NRICs of the new Shareholders/Directors; and
  • The latest residential address of the new Shareholders/Directors.

Payment Mode:
Full Payment of RM* is required in order to confirm the purchase.
Please be reminded that all documents have to been signed and fully executed in order to be yours.

The full payment made shall reserve the selected shelf company for a period of Two (2) Months.If you would failed to sign those documents within Two (2) months the Company remains the right to strike off the shelf company and no payment is refundable.

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