• Secretary Retainer Fee/monthly
  • Normal Resolutions (Opening/Closure of Banking Account, Change of Banking Signatories)
  • Normal Resolutions (Acquisition/Disposal of Motor Vehicles, Appointment/Change of Auditor, Tenancy Agreement)
  • Special Resolutions (Acquisition/Disposal of Property, Loan/Facilities Application, Special Resolutions
  • Declaration of Dividend/Warrant
  • Secretary Confirmation Letter
  • SSM Print-out (Company Profile)
  • Increase of Authorised Capital (SSM Filing Fee not included)
  • Increase of Paid-up Capital
  • Increase of Authorised and Paid-up Capital (SSM Filing Fee not included)
  • Transfer of Shares (For Company of 1 year and above, LHDN Assessment is needed and a surcharge of RM40 is imposed for each transfer and assessment)
  • Issuance of Share Certificate/piece
  • Appointment of 1 new Director (Surcharge of RM20 for 2nd and above Directors)
  • Resignation of 1 existing Director (Surcharge of RM20 for 2nd and above Directors)
  • Appointment and Resignation of Director (Surcharge of RM20 for 2nd and above Directors)
  • Change of Company’s Name (Not inclusive of Name Search Fee, SSM Filing Fee and Common Seal Plate Fee)
  • Change Company’s Object Clause/Articles
  • Search Application (Per Name)
  • Certified True Copy (“CTC”)/page (SSM Forms)
  • CTC of M&A/book (Different charges imposed for special M&A)
  • TC of Audited Financial Statement
  • CTC of NRIC/copy
  • Courier Charge (Post Laju Malaysia)
  • Normal Post
  • Attend of Board/Members’ Meeting (Transport Fee will be charged differently)

Terms and Conditions
All the above fees are subject to 6% service tax and out-of-pocket expenses which shall include printing and stationery, telephone charges, travelling charges, postage/courier charges (if any) etc.

Please read the above fees table before proceed to confirm and accept our services.

We are NOT responsible for the day to day management nor the administration of the Company, which duties are imposed on the Directors under the Companies Act, 1965. We are NOT responsible for ensuring compliance of statutory requirement imposed by other Authorities, such as the provisions of the Unclaimed Moneys Act 1965, the application of various license from City Hall or the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Any further services we provided are distinct from our function of providing company secretarial services.

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